You can volunteer in our Children’s Home; you will join our dedicated team for 1 month, 3 months or up to a year and help us with our daily activities. We need assistance in the following areas: child care, medical care, tutoring and remedial teaching for homework and extra classes, counselling, administration, building and maintenance, sports, art & craft, drama, choir and farming activities...

If you would like to know more you can email us at noahsarkch@gmail.co.za



As the Children’s Home is growing and more children are joining our big family, we need people to join our team, share our vision and our work load!!

If you feel God is calling you to serve in South Africa, you have a passion for children and you want to commit yourself for an extended period of time; you can email us at noahsarkch@gmail.co.za



You can get involved by raising funds, organising events or awareness campaigns, find sponsors for projects….if you have an idea and want to see it thru, you can contact us at noahsarkch@gmail.co.za